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pick a ball and start running! Touch is an all inclusive sport which welcomes all ages and sexes alike



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referees are a fundamental part of the game. Attend one our referee courses - you might even enjoy it!


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whether it's a school, work or elite team they all need a coach to give them direction



Upcoming Events

  • Edinburgh Open 2016 at Peffermill Palying Fields

    The Edinburgh Open is the longest standing one day tournament in Edinburgh drawing teams from all over the UK and Europe. This tournament is great fun and always has competitive games for all teams involved. The 2015 edition had teams from Dublin and Paris involved, these teams added value during the day and also at Read More …

  • National Championships 2016 at

    One day tournament with all the Scottish Regions facing off in 2015 Edinburgh won Mens and Womens Open divisions Venue tbc Time tbc

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What is Touch?

Touch is one of the fastest growing sports in the Edinburgh area, played by people of all ages and skill levels. Introduced by players from the southern hemisphere in the 70’s, touch is a fast, evasive, non-contact form of rugby. It is one of the few team sports where men and women compete on teams together not only socially but at an international level.